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There are favorite places, sights, and memories all in and around Tucson that will forever in my heart. I hope you enjoy surfing these sights, sites, and some photos.

My all-time favorite sight and place to visit is south of town. This is the San Xavier del Bac Mission, often lovingly called the "White Dove Of The Desert" because of how beautifully white it glistens above the trees and desert. I think this Mission and its gardens are the most peacful places to sit and ponder God and His blessings. To learn the history and the construction mysteries of this 200-year-old Mission, go to this web site. I hope you love it as much as I do.

First, lets look around the campus of the University of Arizona, home of the 1997 NCAA Champion "Arizona Wildcats", and which covers a large portion of acreage around town. UofA has a famous teaching hospital and an equally famous music cirriculum. I think I received much of my musical education from attending performances in their lovely concert hall. Visit their web site to learn more.

East of town, the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was a SAC base in the 50's. We high school senior girls thought it was really neat to be dating a "guy from the base"! No longer SAC, Davis-Monthan mantains what we always called the "B-29 Graveyard" on the eastern perimeter of the base; The long rows of dozens of moth-balled B-29's could be seen from my airliner's approach to the Tucson International Airport. Visit their web site to gain more information as to their military mission today.

North of town, in the Catalina Foothills, there once nestled a small adobe hacienda painted a bright yellow and adorned with what looked like graffiti but resembled flowers and other curlicues. This was the home of our very famous resident eccentric artist, Ted De Grazia. De Grazia painted mostly Indian and Mexican themes; an artist for the people of the desert, he captured the childlike innocence seen always in the eyes of a child of the desert. Although no longer alive, there is a web site that features some of this works, and even sells some of them.

West of town, way out in the desert, is Old Tucson where the original Tucson existed in the 1800's, and where dozens of movies and TV series have been filmed. A Sunday drive out to Old Tucson was always a special treat for me, long before it became famous. A few years ago, many of the original buildings were burned in a terrible fire. Here you see a sample of what remains of a few of the original buildings. To learn more about its history and its restoration, visit this web site.

North of town in the Foothils of the Santa Catalina Mountains is my favorite picnic spot---Sabino Canyon. Now a favorite spot for hikers and climbers, Sabino Canyon is a quiet respite from city hubbub. We had many a Sunday picnic by the streams flowing down the center.

Thirty miles almost straight up a very windy road from the desert floor north of town in the Santa Catalina Mountains is the highest peak in the range, Mt. Lemmon, at over 9,000 feet. I used to go to Girl Scout Camp up there. Now it's a ski and vacation resort, and a real challenge for rock climbers and hikers.


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